One-day build: Shiny effect sizes

It had been a long time since I had built anything, and I needed to scratch the itch. I decided to build a Shiny port of Daniël Lakens’s beloved effect size calculator spreadsheets. You can find the app itself here.

These sheets are handy for a number of reasons, primarily if a paper or talk reports stats but no effect sizes (or if you want to double-check reported stats or effect sizes). I thought it would be convenient to have an online version.

All of the math is based on what’s used in the spreadsheet, and the default examples are taken from there too.

This was a really fun build, mostly because the actual math was pretty straightforward (and I could easily check it against the spreadsheets to make sure it was working, which is a refreshing change). I got to spend more time digging into the web-dev side of things, dealing with layout and the reactivity of the components of the app. I learned a lot, and it was great to be working with Shiny again.

The code is on Github. Suggestions for improvements and bug reporting encouraged!


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